Always Look For The Gifts


Everybody goes through their STUFF, because life just isn’t easy.  It’s just not practical to think that every day will just breeze by with sunshine and happiness and perfection.  When I thought about writing a blog, everything I researched said to write about your passions, write about what makes you happy.   Excellent I thought, I get to escape the YUCK and concentrate on the YIPPEE!   My passions are easy….everything domestic….decorating, creating, cooking, reading, etc.  And I could just leave out the whole part of my life that was illness and frustration and disappointment.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  Maybe.  But that really is leaving out some of the best parts of my life.  I started struggling with chronic illness well over 10 years ago.  It was a mess.  Doctor to doctor to see what in the world was going on.  Almost everyone with a chronic illness can relate to that part.  And then the misdiagnosis.  And the medicines that go on and on…trial and error to find anything that might make things bearable.

And the canceled plans with friends and the disappointed kids and the marriage challenges.  Chronic illness takes its toll on every aspect of your life.  It can be extremely depressing.  You start to mourn your old life and the outlook of where your headed is very scary.  Very unknown.

But here is the very important lesson I learned in this journey of darkness.  There are so many gifts to be found along the way.  You won’t get them if you aren’t open to looking for them.  And you won’t receive them if you are angry and feeling sorry for yourself.  They will come when you open your eyes and realize that the sun is out,  your bed is cozy, your kids are awesome, and you still have a few great friends left!  They will come when you know that although your life has drastically changed, it’s okay.  It is what it is, and today is a good day because it’s another day to be thankful for what you DO have!  You may not be where you expected to be, but you are HERE, and here is awesome, if you CHOOSE for it to be!

Everyday it is your choice to look for the gifts, because they are everywhere!  Write them down.  It’s called a Gratitude Journal and it will change your life.  Your focus needs to be on the beauty, not the pain.  Today is a beautiful day!!




In gratitude/ musings

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    Julie T.
    January 19, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    You’ve hit the nail on the head once again 👍🏼👏

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      January 19, 2018 at 3:11 pm

      Thank you sweet girl!!

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