Valentine’s Day Ideas for EVERYONE!

Valentine’s Day is not my favorite.  Sorry if that sound’s grumpy, but I just never liked all of the pressure it put on everyone to “be in a couple” and to “do just the right thing”.  I suppose it’s never a bad idea to remind those you love that they are special to you, so I have come up with some fun ideas for way’s to celebrate this special day of LOVE.  Oh, and before I forget, I want to share that, growing up my Mom used to put a small gift under all of our dinner plates on Valentine’s Day.  We loved it.  I carried that tradition on to my boys and they loved it too!

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These ideas are for couples.  I hope you find something that you can use!

If you are looking for something to do at home, how about….

Cook dinner together…. try a new recipe!






                                            Build a Fort!  Don’t worry about the mess….the kids will clean it up….lol


Play some fun new board games for couples…

like this  or this or this or this

Play video games together….I know, I know, but just try it!

Spend the evening going through pictures together and put together a photo album of all of those special memories!

Each of you take a deck of cards and write 52 things you love about eachother…..one thing on each card in case that wasn’t clear….um, duh!

Do some yoga together…..like Craig and I…..oh how funny that is!!!!!!

Watch each others favorite movies!  If you need ideas for what to watch, keep your eyes peeled  for this Friday’s newletter!!

Snuggle up to a bonfire!!  Play charades!  Make a Bucket List to work through as a couple!  Create fun, new cocktails for eachother!  Teach eachother how to do something new (wink)!  Play Truth or Dare!  Give eachother a Massage!  Make out….when was the last time you really did that?

So if you want to get out of the house, here are some ideas for that too:

  • Go bowling
  • Play mini-golf
  • Go for a picnic
  • Go to a book store and pick out books for eachother
  • Play laser tag
  • Spend a day at the spa
  • Sing Karaoke
  • Spend the day at a winery
  • Go to a Comedy Club
  • Rent a sports car and take a road trip
  • Go to a shooting range
  • Take a dance class
  • Listen to some live music
  • Roam through Model Homes for decorating ideas
  • Go to Good Will and pick out  outfits for eachother.  Any of the above activities will be more fun when dressed “creatively”

Whatever you decide to do, be sure that your special someone feels extra loved and appreciated!  Isn’t that the best feeling?

In good ideas

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